R&D Department

Clients today are looking for overall solutions for their projects, integrating design and execution. Jan De Nul Group already acknowledged this trend several years ago and started to set up a full-fledged, professional engineering department. The engineering department consists of a sizable team of specialised experts, qualified engineers, designers and draftsmen and has state-of-the-art soft- and hardware at its disposal.

The integration of its specific expertise in both design and execution creates considerable ‘added value’ resulting in more economic and safer works, increase of quality and a meticulous control of any risks involved.

The Research & Development (R&D) department supports the three business units of Envisan in working out and optimising current remediation concepts and through innovating research, laboratory tests, pilot-scale testing, etc. The R&D department is also responsible for on-site sampling campaigns and for characterising the pollution, both in the tender phase and at the start and during the execution of projects.

Also for designing new treatment plants the contribution of this department is often of crucial importance.