Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment

At Envisan, we give absolute priority to quality, health, safety and environmental care. Continuous improvement, innovation and traceability are the central pillars of our management system. Procedures, work instructions, monitoring programmes and registrations are used on a daily basis to warrant the correct execution, efficient follow-up and structured assessment of our works. The central pillars of our management system are continuous improvement, innovation and traceability.

Envisan and its daughter companies also have all licences and permits that are required for transporting and treating sediments, soil and waste. Since 2003, the company applies a certified management system observing the ISO9001 and VCA standards. Since 2006, the system has been expanded so as to observe the ISO14001- and OHSAS 18001 standards as well.

Our energy management system has been set up according to the ISO5001 standard and its certification is planned for the medium range. Envisan is also certified for 3 categories under the Achilles Protocol for remediation projects in Flanders (Belgium).