Vision and Mission

Envisan offers its customers an overall package for solving their problems. In our project handling, we always start with the customer's needs, making a detailed analysis of its specific environmental challenges. Possible technical solutions are then assessed as to their suitability, after which the customer is offered a suited solution with an optimal price/quality ratio. Thanks to the support of Jan De Nul Group, Envisan is able to execute multidisciplinary projects, regardless of their scope and location.

Envisan's major assets are, among others, the application of state-of-the-art techniques, the capacity to offer overall solutions with a high-quality customer service and its motivated and highly qualified employees. On project sites, health, safety and environmental care are given absolute priority, which means, among others, that our employees receive clear, detailed instructions before starting to work and that they are properly trained for their tasks. Thanks to these relentless efforts, Envisan meets the most stringent quality standards and has acquired all licences and permits that are required for transporting and treating sediments, soil and waste.