Environmental Dredging and Sediment Treatment

Worldwide, Envisan is increasingly involved in various dredging projects of Jan De Nul Group, ranging from permanent maintenance dredging works to land reclamation projects and harbour extension works.

In cooperation with the dredging division, Envisan develops specific equipment and techniques (both hydraulic and mechanical) to remove sediments from sea- or riverbeds in a highly efficient and environment-friendly manner.

Polluted sediments are dewatered and then, using very diverse techniques, either treated on site or in the group's own treatment centres before being transported to their final destination. The decontaminated sediments can then in most cases be reused as construction materials.

The most commonly applied techniques for the additional treatment of sediments are:

  • Biological treatment
  • Physicochemical treatment
  • Desanding through hydrocycloning
  • Immobilisation/stabilisation